Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Shout-out to Alex and the awesome co-hosts for today:

Patrcia Josephine, Diedre Knight, Olga Godim, J Lenni Dorner (Hey, that's me! 😃), and Cathrina Constantine!

June 7 question -

If you ever did stop writing, what would you replace it with?

If you ever stopped breathing, what would you replace it with? 😵
How can I answer this question? Writing is the purpose of my life. 
🌳🌲🌳🌳🌳🌳 I guess I'd just go survive in the forest. 🌲🌲🌳🌲🌲🌳🌳🌳

Which is actually how I spent several days last month. I usually go for a long weekend in May, but my intended quest was not fruitful, so I made several additional treks. 

While my goal was not met, I did get "the itch" to return to an Existence side story I've been working on for many years. It's based on the RPG in the books, the gaming characters of my characters. In fact, I'm considering tweaking a scene to use for WEPFF later this month. 🐺 Monoghan communicates with a sky creature using light and sound. (That is kind of a spoiler if you haven't seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But it came out in 1977, making it slightly older than myself...)

Please also visit: The Insecure Writer's Support Group Book Club on Goodreads. This month’s reading challenge is: Puppy Love


Philly Pride #Pride celebrations in Philadelphia, PA, USA (my area) https://www.phila.gov/2022-06-01-celebrate-lgbtq-pride-in-philly

Operation Awesome Happening at OperationAwesome6.blogspot.com
I'm looking for 2023 Debut authors to interview. Please reach out. Twitter DM preferred.

A to Z Challenge Happening at the A to Z Challenge
Ronel will be our new graphics person for 2024! She hasn't been online much due to technical issues. 💻💀🚫 She expects to have that resolved soon, so please leave her some love and congratulatory praise to find upon her return!

WEPFF Close Encounters image Close Encounters Mashed Potatoes June WEP Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Blog hop and writing contest 🛸
WEP winners will be invited to submit to the WEP Flash Fiction Anthology, an ebook
Close Encounters of the Third Kind is an iconic 1977 Spielberg movie
POST JUNE 21st - 23rd

I use and recommend "calibre 64bit - E-book management" for conversions. 

"On June 20, 2023, we're changing our fees to better align with today's cost to print books"- AMAZON KDP
📚 Print books are going to start costing more. Hopefully, indie authors won't be blamed for the hike! 💹

The latest book I read and reviewed: Juliana Lopez is Fu*king Fire (Goodreads Review)

Do you have any news for June? Taking part in the IWSG, WEP, or have any feelings about the change in print book prices? Maybe just thinking about a Devil's Tower worth of mashed potatoes? 🥔 Drop a comment below, please!


  1. Most interesting question about what you'd do if you stopped writing........ well I did due to personal problems but I'm mighty glad to be back among friends again.
    Hope you're happy and well.

  2. Thanks for co-hosting today!
    And sadly that movie is not older than me. In fact, I saw it in the theater when it came out...

  3. Thanks for co-hosting. Glad you got inspired to work on the story you've been working on for a long ti

  4. If you ever stopped breathing . . . THAT, right there sums it all up. We write because we can't NOT write. Thanks for co-hosting this month!!

  5. I'm a cyclical writer myself, times where I'm writing, times where I'm not. I might spend a month focused on art instead of writing, but I know I'll come back to it eventually. Thanks for co-hosting!

  6. Thanks for letting me know that June is audiobook month. Oddly enough, audiobooks and how they help us write better is my topic for my IWSG post.

  7. Walking does tend to get ideas shaken up. I should do more of that!

  8. Audio book month, heh? Good to know. Thank you. And good to have you as a co-host this month. Great job!

  9. Thank you for the updates. I've just got back in country and had no idea of what June looked like. Thanks also for co-hosting. Shalom shalom

  10. Enjoyed your post. Agree on that breathing thing!

    Thankfully, KDP has a calculator to see the change in the cost of printing your books. Mine were within about a dollar. $1.20 for a few. Not too bad.

  11. That sounds like a fun story based on your RPG.

  12. Thanks for co-hosting! Enjoy the summer!

  13. I think I agree about writing and breathing. If I'm not writing formally, I'll still be writing journals, making up little stories, dreaming up plots, and writing stories in my head to put myself to sleep at night.

  14. You're right. Our stories always stay with us. They don't stop, even if we don't write them down.

  15. Writing and breathing do go hand in hand, don't they? As do long walks and next paragraphs. Writing my resignation from writing would not be half as fun as writing my own epitaph ;-) Thanks for co-hosting!

  16. My husband and I regard 'Close Encounters..." as one of the best movies ever! Thanks for bringing it up and thanks for co-hosting.

  17. Enjoyes this information packed post! The only thing I remember about Close Encounters is a huge space ship at the end. Never to be forgotten! I was shocked to discover my printing cost for Kindle will go DOWN come June 20. Now why is that??? Thanks for co-hosting!!

  18. Thanks for co-hosting, J Lenni! It's been a rare time in my life that I wasn't writing something. I've imagined going off in a forest to survive on my own, but I wouldn't do it now. I've seen too many episodes of "Alone" and "Naked and Afraid" ~ lol! Happy creating this month!

  19. I saw Close Encounters in the theater when it came out. I'm old.
    Thanks for co-hosting.

  20. Hello! Thank you for co-hosting. Walking is a good way to bring your creativity to life. And thank you for that info about the audio book month. I am saving the debut author link for a friend whose book will be out in October.

  21. Thank you for co-hosting this month!

  22. I've been reading some boring case studies for summer semester. Turning them into freaky fiction has helped integrate the info. Can't. Stop. Writing. Thank you for co-hosting!

  23. Thanks for cohosting!

    Yes, JLenni, writing is my life too. And even if I went off to live in a forest--which I wouldn't mind doing--I'd still be telling stories. Probably to the forest creatures. Love the "Close Encounters" tower. All best to you!

  24. I miss forests. We are mostly farmland around here.

  25. I said much the same. Publishing, I could consider giving up. But writing? Oh heck, no. @samanthabwriter from
    Balancing Act

  26. Even when I gave up writing, I still wrote! I guess once it's in your blood, it's there to stay. Even without publishing, I'd have to write. And as much as I'd love to disappear into a forest and live in a cottage by a stream, I'd still write stories. They just ooze out of me! Hmmm...I'm now thinking "Forest Writing Retreat"!

    I can't see a pile of mashed potatoes without thinking of that film :) I love it!

    Thanks for co-hosting this month!

  27. Thank you for co-hosting this month! And I love that you loop in RPGs into the web of storytelling, I'm all on board that train as well.


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