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Bout of Books 37 #bookreview

Bout of Books

This is the 18th time I've taken part in Bout of Books. I will post more reviews later.

Book Review:

Excuse Me While I Disappear: Tales of Midlife Mayhem 3 star rating image on the blog of @JLenniDorner

This was a First Reads free book. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.
I like the dinosaur on the cover. I am NOT the target audience for this book, as I am not a Caucasian woman over fifty. I do, however, love a good Philadelphia cheesesteak, and am Gen X.

The majority of this review is only on my personal blog. The ending thanks threatens that those who do not like the author will be cursed- "dropped me like a hot potato... I have put curses on you all." The author's father, mentioned in the book, stalks telemarketers to threaten them. While that is not my job, I would rather not be stalked for reviewing a book. Also, there's a chapter where the author intentionally becomes, for all intents and purposes, becomes an Internet troll. I'd prefer to avoid that interaction. "I knew what I used to do to friends who were blackout drunk when I was in my twenties." Hinting at what happens to friends, I don't wish to learn what happens to unfortunate readers who dislike the book.

Money is a big topic in this book. The cost of getting hair done, getting antiques and such on Facebook Marketplace, and buying a MINI Copper is justified, yet the cost sidewalk upkeep seems out of reach. (There's an unwritten Republican common criticism joke somewhere in there that people would be able to afford everything if they stopped drinking coffee.) Massive amounts must be spent on the multitudes of medical tests mentioned (it's America, after all), but paying for sidewalk upkeep is complained about instead of a plea for universal healthcare. 🤷🏽‍♂️

There's a lot about pot gummies. And the suggestion that taking them creates "superwomen." There are a lot of drugs, prescription and not, mentioned in this. 

I've never made a guest list of people who I hope will be jealous. I have no idea where in Atlantic City the nearest restaurant would be a golf course a mile away. I've been down there several times and found many places to eat. The year isn't mentioned thou, so perhaps many have since closed? I also cannot imagine pretending to be dead so my spouse is ready to find me like that, and honestly it sounds closer to a warning sign of potential intended self-harm. 

I did enjoy this part:
"Everyone thinks they know the best way to live, think, and be... when generally they have no clue about anyone else's life that they are judging, be it through humor or not." The quote is attributed to "Aryana F," in response to the trolling.

The author seems to really need to be seen, to get attention. When not getting that, theft, conflict instigation, and other antics ensue. I would not recommend this book to any person of color, as simply having gray hair is unlikely to create an invisibility for you to be able to steal. I cannot imagine an America where a police officer would ignore a POC due to age, and allow them to steal something like potatoes. 👮🥔🚓 I actually had a strong feeling the author was white before reading her say "a satire of white privilege" was one of her stories. 

Of all of the books on my TBR, I wish I hadn't flicked this one open. I nearly DNF multiple times. I am guilty of having judged a book by the cover, as it was the part I enjoyed the most. I finished hoping there would be something I'd find funny at some point. I was looking to feel uplifted. I was disappointed. 

My heart does go out to the elderly dog. And I can identify with having friend group members who have died. 

One star for the cover, one star because it's well-edited, and one star for the dog (who survived the book) makes a total of THREE. 

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  1. Thanks for being honest in your review. I don't finish books I don't like anymore.

  2. There have been books I wished I'd never begun as well. Glad the dog made it to the end.

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