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#SFF #AtoZChallenge Healthy Pets

#AtoZChallenge 2022 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter

A speculative fiction short story from a dreamer

A continuous #sff story during April. May Rose is the main character (🧑🏽 they/them pronouns).

Jade got off of May's lap.

"Go get some rest. I'm sure this won't take long," May said before kissing Jade's forehead and heading to the door.

"Yes, Opal?"

The student pushed her way past, storming into the room. "I can't find the alcohol. Do you keep it in your quarters?"

"No. Is that all?"

Opal scrunched her face. "No, that isn't all. Why us? Why a bunch of virgins? Why not abduct prostitutes or women who already had babies or something? And what about in-vitro fertilization?" 

May motioned for Opal to sit on the couch while settling themself into the chair. "First, please know that none of this is my choice or idea. Holding my position here allows me to survive in a wonderful environment and grants me passage on the last ship to exit. Aiming your anger at me is useless. If you must feel rage at someone, pick whoever from your time most likely caused the devastation."

Opal crossed her arms and paced, ignoring the invitation to sit.

"In your time, there were diseases that could come from sexual encounters. The overlords know this, but not all the details about them. Their medical experts concluded that such diseases were rarely passed from humans who had not mated previously with others. Therefore, if they started with uninfected stock, they might be able to prevent the problem."

"So we were chosen because we probably don't have any STDs?"

May yawned. "That is one of the parameters. Your scans came up free of health concerns."

"Healthy pets. Right. But what about in-vitro?"

"That technology was lost, and the recovery efforts proved less than ideal. Plus, some overlords prefer to witness their pets having more natural experiences."

Opal pressed her hand to the glass door leading to the terrace. "I think I'm going to be sick. Your overlords want to watch? They're a bunch of pervs?"

May's fingers drummed on the arm of the chair. "People from your time never watched animals mate? Especially their most valued pets?"

Opal's mouth opened, as if to object, then shut again. "Well, other than in environmental science class, I didn't watch that stuff."

"There is much to learn before you'll meet someone and decide if you'll consent to mate with them. Perhaps you can go get some sleep now."

"Consent? So you won't just force some savage on us? Like what happened to your grandmother?" Opal picked at her fingernails.

"The overlords are quite serious about consent. Your potential mates have all been raised from early childhood. None have broken minds from living in the wreckage of Earth. A topic that is discussed during a later session." May stood up and took a step toward the door.

"Right. You really don't have any alcohol in here?" Opal headed toward May's bed-chamber. "My room isn't as big as yours. No terrace, either. Just a tree outside my window. Someone's in your bed."

Jade rolled over and sat up. She pressed the sheet to her chest. 

"What's going on here?" Opal turned to May. "Is this part of it? We have to sleep with you?"

May rolled her eyes and called out. "Jade, have I forced you into that bed?"

"No," Jade answered.

"Are you in any way a hostage held against your consent?"

Jade giggled. "No. Why, do you have fuzzy handcuffs?"

Opal looked back and forth between the two. 

"Go get some sleep. Jade's private sessions are not your concern."

Opal poked May in the chest. "Don't count on having any private sessions with me."

May captured Opal's finger. "With you, I expect to have sparring matches. You were chosen by Nightingale. Some overlords seek those who are warriors to breed strong, fierce pets. You have valued qualities in certain circles. My instruction is meant to enhance that, not diminish it. But please know that you are not the first Opal. You are the twenty-fourth I will teach. None of the others beat me at sparring. So I suggest you keep this finger off of my body until and unless invited. Am I clear?"

Opal's eyes widen. She tugged, but found herself unable to escape the simple hold. She nodded profusely. "Yes. Yes, I understand, ma'am. Sir. Umm… Master May." May pulled Opal to the door, opened it, then let go of Opal's finger. "Do sleep well. And do not consider Jade's private session to be a topic for discussion or sharing."

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Question: How important of a factor do you think parents' genetics and lifestyles are in creating a child with certain traits? 
Here's some 🐭 science:

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  1. The twenty-fourth Opal? That sounds ominous...

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: H

  2. What considerate of them to breed healthy pets! Shocked as Opal might be, she will need the exercise to be healthy. Did all the 23 former Opals carry on successfully or did any of them cross the front gate? Thus makes me wonder how many years has May Rose done that job.

  3. Sounds like May's been around quite a while. Bet Opal can't hold her tongue about Jade.

  4. Oh they like to watch? Ah...

    I agree with Janet about Opal and her inability to hold her tongue, but it sounds like May is tough enough to cope.

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