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Bout of Books 38! Day 7
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Christian Garcia Is Fu*king Obsessed by Dori Aleman-Medina

I enjoyed this book because the characters each face a multitude of problems. The time flow from present to past did increase the pace, but it also took away a little something for me. This book is definitely ADULT, but it is also excellent for adults who enjoy YA because there are chapters from a teen POV. It's fascinating how these characters deal with life, but also how they each feel about the situations and solutions. I loved the references to the previous book. The new worker at the bakery made me laugh, but I love the idea. 

My cousin and I opted to share books during a readathon, which is why I read this book. I don't read many books like this or of this genre (romantic suspense), but I enjoyed it. My cousin is friends with the author, I've interviewed the author previously. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Here's an excerpt I enjoyed (some names removed to avoid spoilers) :
"He protected me, Holly, from another person. He kept her from fighting with me. People respected him. He was my boyfriend and kept me safe. That's what he did for me." Throw my paper cup on the floor, I start stamping my feet. {Name} told me that he didn't want to be my boyfriend anymore, but I could be with {name} instead. He was going to just give me away. Who gives people away? 

I read the whole book because I cared about the characters and wanted to know what would happen. There's a dramatic scene at the beginning, and I wanted to know how or if it would ripple changes through all the relationships in the book. I would read another book in this series. 

The book has tragedies, it is realistic fiction, has a happily-enough-for-now ending, multiple erotic scenes, some romance, can be a tear-jerker, and is certainly controversial. It is sometimes haunting, feels action-packed and fast-paced, is full of plot twists, and can be inspirational. It's meaningful, fun, and entertaining. The author feels like an authority on the subject of mental health. The book is diverse in LGBTQIA, Latino people, and people with disabilities- especially mental differences.

Triggers such as strong language, sexual content (including coerced between teens), discussions on suicide, death of a relative, self-harm, violence, drinking, drugs, panic, and anxiety should be noted. I found some minor typos and grammatical errors. 

Power struggles, family, and fitting in are the main themes in the book. It's easily relatable for anyone who has experienced being an outsider or feeling different, has friends who are "found family," or who a parent who put career before family. It can be very emotionally powerful for any reader who can relate. The school Christian works at sounds like a fantasy ideal for many children who need such an amazing support system. Otherwise, it totally holds up a mirror to society because so much of what these characters deal with are real problems. Mental health, ADHD, autism (ASD), behavioral and emotional difficulties, and neurodivergence are obstacles in this book. 

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