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C is for Catasauqua #giveaway #AtoZChallenge 2023 Proof of Existence #UrbanFantasy #ASL #Lenape

A behind-the-scenes look at and inside scoop on PROOF OF EXISTENCE, Book Two of the Existence series.
📚 Proof of Existence - Publication April 4, 2023

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Excerpt from Proof of Existence by @JLenniDorner
Excerpt from Proof of Existence by @JLenniDorner

Catasauqua's name was derived from the Lenni Lenape language, which means dry ground or thirsty ground. 
It is also the name of a creek and a town in my area. (Which is likely what you'll find if you Google it.)
Jun's mother is different from the mothers of his friends in that she was not born wealthy or noble. She's a fascinating character who doesn't get nearly enough page time. The fact that I used a word from my people to name her should show the high regard I have for her. 

And yes, that is American Sign Language Jun uses when introducing Wend to his mom. 
QUESTION — Do you live near any places named by words from the languages of Indigenous people? 
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    1. Me too. ❤ I hope I can write more of her into book 3.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your book!

  3. That’s a beautiful name! I love the meaning, I can imagine Jun’s mom s as a very strong, dependable person. Thanks for showing us how to pronounce it, and the word mom, too.

    Visiting from: https://steampunkcowunicorn.wordpress.com/2023/04/09/c-is-for-cicerone/

    1. Oh, my grandma’s home town is called Ahuacatlán (place where avocado abounds) 🐮🦄


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