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Analyze Opening #AtoZChallenge and #WEP

#AtoZChallenge 2024 badge A Analyze Opening

#AtoZChallenge @JLenniDorner Opening

The above image is a screenshot of the first page of this High Fantasy novella.
  • Does it establish, for you, that the genre is High Fantasy?
A Great Wolf isn't often seen outside of Fantasy stories. [Unless you live in my area and see ads like this one every day...]

  • Is there urgency and attention-grabbing?
Fire 🔥 is known to grab attention. (The psychology is that it is connected to safety, so people respond to it.) 
  • Is there emotion-driven conflict?
Knowing a friend died is both emotional and relatable. It is meant to be evident that the very Forest is alive and fears this Great Wolf leaving.

  • Is the theme evident?
This story is going to be a quest. 
In three days' time, you must be at the Shamlin Ruins to collect what he bequeathed to you.

You must travel united, helping and protecting one another. 

There is a ticking clock of three days. A reason is presented for the main character to go. And there's a mystery of both who died and what was left.  

  • Is the main character's motivation clear?
It is spelled out fairly well.
  • Do we know a description of Monoghan, the main character?

Great Wolf, dark brown fur

shifted from his natural wolf self into his human form 

human form has light brown skin  

  • Is the setting evident?
The opening is obviously in a Forest. 

  • 😎📘 BONUS! Is there a hint this ties to the Existence series?

  • Will a reader want to read more?
You tell me! 

What do you think of this opening?
And do you enjoy reading fantasy? 

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  1. Awesome beginning. Ans, yes, it inspires me to want to read more.

  2. Good solid hook - actually several. The first is the wolf running TOWARD the fire - why? Which you immediately answer, but the answering provides several more hooks - which friend died (explicitly stated), who else is the wolf going to meet, how can they meet at a tavern (answered with a shape change), why is the forest scared and needs a protector (inferred). Plus world establishment with cultural clues - money is needed in "human" areas, the wolf has been there before, and death obligations exist. A wonderful start! -

  3. I thought the scene did a great job of establishing genre and introducing the main character. I would have liked a bit more of a hint about what's at stake to really give the piece a sense of urgency. I would probably read on though

  4. It certainly grabs you from the start that is certain. So yeah, I am looking forward to seeing what you do all month long!
    Tim Brannan, The Other Side blog
    2024 A to Z of Dungeons & Dragons, Celebrating 50 Years of D&D

  5. I love the opening. I hope you complete the book this month.

  6. Well, to answer one of your questions, yes, I think I immediately thought high fantasy when I heard the Phoenix speak.
    What intrigues me the most is the ticking clock situation :-)

  7. Pretty intriguing. Agree with you on most - personally, the 'fire' didn't feel like an urgency. I don't know why but in my head I was wondering is this magic fire and maybe not harmful ha until I read further, but also proves it reads as high fantasy. I'd want to read more for sure.

  8. It was a solid entry into the story. I don't happen to really enjoy High Fantasy, but little bits at a time are okay. My favorite line in this one, that had the most emotional pull was the last sentence in the second to last paragraph: "it ripped at Monoghan with the same force as a father might feel when hearing his child scream with genuine terror in every begging cry meant to persuade the protector from leaving". I could feel that one.

  9. Ooh! I like this -- I definitely want to read more.

    Ronel visiting for A: My Languishing TBR: A
    Abominable Wraiths


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