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Begin Hero Journey #AtoZChallenge

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The hero's journey is a story template in which a protagonist embarks on an unforeseen quest involving adventures and lessons and ending with some kind of transformation.

@JLenniDorner themes and concept of the story

At the onset, Monoghan only cares about protecting his forest. The opening image has him in his forest, basically removed from any life outside. 

There's a hint that, by the end of the story, the audience will discover they can't always trust what they see or are told. And that, by the end, Monoghan will better value sharing life's experiences with someone.

The protagonist’s initial goal (seen yesterday) is to be at the Shamlin Ruins in three days to collect what was bequeathed to him by his recently deceased friend. He will also help two others get there and learn the identity of his friend who passed away. 

His curiosity prevents him from not going on the journey. 

Still, only three days to get there makes this quest nearly impossible. 

In this particular story, we learn that Monoghan is a mentor (or hero) to Phin Fynn, the child who is one of the companions on the journey. Candra and Phin Fynn must overcome fears to go into the forest. Though Monoghan lives there, perils are faced due to those traveling with him.

We then learn a story from Monoghan's past, told over a campfire, which later becomes vital.

Monoghan is doing well in the new scenario, but Candra is struggling due to her dietary needs. This causes a side quest where he must get her food. 

B is only for beginning the Hero Journey, not for revealing a major plot twist! Thus, we'll stop here.

Does the story feel interesting so far?

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  1. I completed a first draft of a sci-fi novel and am now trying to take a more structured approach to the second draft so your A-Z theme is timely and interesting...

  2. Yes, I'm finding this idea and story intriguing so far, can't wait to see what happens next. A great idea using the hero's journey, though I'm more a fan of adapting the heroines journey lol.

  3. The hero's journey is a classic.

  4. I like the introduction of the new characters and I think they will be a good way to show Monaghan's protective side

  5. I love the hero's journey map! I saved it on pinterest!!


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