Friday, April 19, 2024

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Consider if the manuscript will be a stand-alone or part of a series.  Should people follow you as an author? If there are plans for more books, yes! Amazon

You could just post links and say what sites they lead to. Or you can get icons (some free, some paid, depending on your search skills-- I bought the coffee cups years ago, along with a blank to edit).

Please visit the author page of J Lenni Dorner on Amazon Please follow @JLenniDorner on BookBub Follow and friend author J Lenni Dorner on Goodreads please Please visit author J Lenni Dorner on Smashwords J Lenni Dorner on Storygraph Visit @JLenniDorner on AllAuthor
There are author-specific sites to ask readers to follow you on, but also social media sites.

Follow @JLenniDorner on Twitter please WhatAreThey is the Facebook fan page of @JLenniDorner — Please click Like and Follow! Follow @JLenniDorner on Pinterest please Please connect with J Lenni Dorner on LinkedIn Please follow J Lenni Dorner on Tumblr Become NaNoWriMo buddies with J Lenni Dorner please Instagram of @JLenniDorner Mastodon

Remember to interact with your followers. Grow friendships. Put the social in social media!

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It's important to keep your latest blog posts linked to your social media.

The above are ones I use. But there are PLENTY more. 
Do you have a favorite site to follow authors?  

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#AtoZChallenge 2024
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  1. I love the cups. My favorite fiction genre is mystery.

  2. I love the coffee cup icons. Visiting from AtoZ Challenge

  3. I used to share my posts to my facebook and twitter accounts, as that's where I was most active. Then I somehow lost my author Twitter account and Facebook won't allow me to link my blogspot posts there. So frustrating. Do love the cup icons though, really clever.


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