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Define Goals #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter D Define goals

It's important to define goals when writing something one plans to share with the public.
In this case, my goal is to put this novella on the market. I prefer to self-publish, so I do a month of work before putting a book out, at minimum. If it sells more than 25 copies, I plan to write another story with Monoghan.

Goals for the characters are also vital. 

Monoghan starts wanting to discover what was bequeathed to him, learn which friend has died, and escort the two traveling companions safely, all within the short three-day window.

Candra is on the same quest. She wants to see more of the world and grow her powers.

Phin Fynn is on the quest also. He has a secondary objective that is not revealed until later.

What reading hopes and goals might you have if you bought a copy of this fantasy novella?

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  1. Goal setting for characters is very important, because each action a character makes can say something about their goals and if you don't have fully developed goals for a character the readers could get the wrong impression of their motivation. I imagine the hard part would be not telegraphing goals but subtly laying out their motivations.

  2. Always good to know the character's goals.

    Hey, J.! I'm not sure whom to contact about correcting something on the list. I'm at work and couldn't find email addresses. Under my entry #121, it somehow says "yes" for adult content when it should say "no." Is someone able to fix this for me? I'd appreciate it!

  3. Off topic, I am obsessed with your coffee cup social media icons!!!

  4. I think it is important for the reader to understand the goals of the characters even if those goals aren't revealed until later.

  5. My Critique Partner turned me on to Scrivener and creating character sketches has proved very useful for fleshing out the second draft. Will you be covering the process by which you self-publish and how you promote your books?

  6. Goals are important. I heard in a webinar this week that a lot of series only pick up in readership around book five -- then suddenly the books start selling well. Interesting. So if you like your character and world, the amount of copies you sell at first shouldn't be a determent to writing :-)

    Ronel visiting for D: My Languishing TBR: D


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