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#atozchallenge Kirstie - Character Insight

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My theme this year is blogging about my author brand. Mondays' are posts are about characters.

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Kirstie - Character Insight

Kirstie has no lines in Fractions of Existence. Why does she even have a name?

Though her role is small, she has a purpose. She represents one of Wend's biggest internal struggles. Kirstie has something Wend longs for (and it's not a change of clothing). The character is mentioned as Wend nearly quits her journey. What's interesting is that Wend is, well, what she is, but Kirstie is completely ordinary. And yet she is envied by Wend.

Some characters exist as mirrors for other main characters. It's someone who has already achieved a goal that the main character is struggling with now. It's mocking, on one hand. It's hope on the other. The purpose, especially in fantasy, is to give the reader a moment to pause and see how an extraordinary character can have something in common with a regular person.

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What do you have in common with a fantasy character?
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  1. I'm impressed you're doing the challenge! I haven't seen anyone else I know doing it. Creative idea! Hope you make it all the way to Z.

    1. Spoiler alert, I make it.
      I make it here, the Operation Awesome team makes it, and over at A to Z we make it as well. ;)

  2. I like the idea of holding up mirrors to main characters as well as society with side-characters :-)

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