Thursday, April 9, 2020

Have you #atozchallenge

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Thursdays this month are going to be about me. If you use Facebook, you've probably seen survey posts where people get to know each other. I'm going to fill out one a week for April.

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This one is a "have you."

✒ Have you gotten any tattoos: Nope
⛸ Have you gone Ice Skating: Yup
🏥 Have you stayed in a Hospital: Yup
💍 Have you gotten married: Yup
🎸 Have you mastered an instrument: Not mastered
🌻 Have you ever raised a flower from a seed: Yes
👽 Have you ever had an alien encounter: I don't think so

🌴 Have you been to an island: Yes
🗽 Have you been to NYC: Yes (And Manhattan is an island. My tribe sold it. You're welcome.)
🐴 Have you rode horse: Yes
🚜 Have you driven a tractor: Yes
🚅 Have you traveled by train: Yes
🚁Have you ridden in a helicopter: No
🚑 Have you ridden in an ambulance: Yes
🏍 Have you ridden on a Motorcycle: Yes
🚓 Have you rode in a police car: Yes

Food & Drinks:
☕️ Have you drank coffee: Yes
🍕 Have you a favorite pizza: Dominos Philly Cheese Steak pizza with mushrooms
🍺 Have you had beer: Yes
🍷 Have you ever been wine tasting: Yes
🍗 Have you ever entered an eating contest: No
🍦 Have you ever had brain freeze: Yes
🦌 Have you ever ate an animal you hunted: Yes, I'm a Native American

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Have you ever done these surveys on Facebook?

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  1. Cool questions, nice to know a little more about you.

  2. Always fun to read people's answers to these polls. We get to see random things we have in common. I haven't been in a helicopter either- but like you, have ridden a horse. :)

  3. Speed answering, I love it!
    They have cauliflower crust pizza now. I hear it's not bad.


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