Thursday, April 30, 2020

Zero Lies #atozchallenge

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Thursdays this month are going to be about me. If you use Facebook, you've probably seen survey posts where people get to know each other. I'm going to fill out one a week for April.

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This one is called Zero Lies.

1. Have you had a zero-calorie soda? I don't think so 🤷
2. Last time you went to the zoo? It's been a few years
3. What would you do if you had a zillion dollars? That's not a real amount, but I'd really mess things up for those who oppress people, and almost certainly would get assassinated for my world-changes. Worth it.
4. Favorite zesty food? I am not a good cook, especially indoors. But here are two zesty recipes that Snookums (a chef) said sounded fine.

  • Zesty Duck - Duck, lemon, orange, thyme. Zest fruit and add thyme, slide mix under duck skin. Put more on skin. Marinate in fridge overnight. bring to room temperature before grilling for about ten minutes. (Duck is red meat, especially for cooking purposes, so medium to medium-well is done.)
  • Zesty Peaches and Cream Tart - Thinly slice peaches. Add zest and juice of a lime and 2 spoonfuls of sugar. Cover and chill for up to two hours. Heat oven 400℉. Create an 11x9 inch puff pastry, score the edge, poke holes, put on a baking sheet. Brush with some heavy cream, sprinkle with sugar. Bake until puffy and brown (15 mins). Beat 3oz of cream cheese, 3 tablespoons of sour cream, and 1 tablespoon of sugar together. Add ½ cup heavy cream and beat until thickened. Spread on puff tart. Top with the peaches and a little more lime zest.

5. Zero pineapple on pizza or lots of it? 🍍🍕 Bring on the pineapple pizza.
6. Have you ever pretend a zucchini was a phallus? 😳 Well, it'd make more sense than an eggplant. 🍆
7. How would you handle a zombie apocalypse? I'd move back into the woods and survive just fine. #DarylDixon
8. Did you ever get a zero on a test? Yes. The teacher hated me. I knew all the answers, as was later proven, but was being given zeroes as punishments for alleged infractions.
9. Do you know anyone who has been zapped by lightning? Yes.
10. For Ziplock-type plastic sandwich bags, do you prefer a slider, two-colors mix, clear press-n-seal, or fold over? I don't care. Slider, I guess.

*Note: Never answer questions that lead to your password or SECURITY QUESTIONS.

And that's it! Another year of the challenge is complete. Thanks for hopping to my blog. Now... what should I do for May?

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  1. I'll have to stock up on weapons to make heads explode if a zombie apocalypse were to happen (destroying the head is how you kill them, right?). Great challenge!

    An A-Z of Faerie: Grogoch

  2. I just came by to your blog. I loved your answers!
    I'll be here for more :)

    Congratulations on completing the challenge!

    My entries to the challenge can be found here:

  3. This is a great post. I got stuck on the last few letters, had no idea what to write about!

  4. Fun questions, I love your answer about zucchinis ;) Great last post, and thanks for co-hosting it this year again ;)
    Take care, stay healthy.

  5. I live on zero calorie soda! Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  6. Fun and interesting answers to these questions! :)

  7. Congrats on finishing the challenge

  8. Congratulations on completing the #A2ZChallenge.

  9. Your final post is so creative and those zesty recipes sound so delicious! Thanks for co-hosting the A to Z challenge & congratulations on a fine finish. :-)

  10. Whew, we finished and feel so accomplished. My first 4 days of May were mostly devoted to vegetating. Now, my mind is reviewing all the posts (I did A to Z on 2 blogs) and thinking that I should do more with them.
    My genealogy posts need to be indexed by family name and then posting on Ancestry for other family historians to find. My mother's nostalgia posts were ultimately planned to be a self-published book for siblings and cousins. I need to start creating that.


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