Saturday, April 24, 2021

#atozchallenge U is for Uniquely, Unicorns, Ugly, Understanding, Unspeakable

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter U

An alphabet of J's favorite blogs

U is for uniquely maladjusted but fun
I love THIS blog because:
  • the A to Z story this month is fun to read
  • Jamie is very passionate (and my cousin-in-law) 
  • I never know what the posts are going to be about next       

#atozchallenge Usborne books for Children

“Unicorns in Uniform” is part of a Phonics Readers series! These silly, animal-based stories incorporate phonics to teach sound-to-letter correspondence! They are great as a read-aloud for older toddlers and preschoolers, that progresses to independent readings. Children can even follow along with a recording using the QR code on the back cover! There are SO many in this series and even combination collections that will save you a few!

🦄 If you're doing the Scavenger hunt, here you go!

USA flag "Shipping only available to USA and  military bases from the provided Usborne link." - Kathryn Mowers (Consultant for the Dorner family)

J's TBR pile #atozchallenge

U is for these books on my TBR:

  • Ugly (A Many Lives Ascendants Story) by Laxmi Hariharan
    • a secret that will change the destiny of Earth forever
    • story about the beginning of the Immortals
  • Understanding Show, Don't Tell: (And Really Getting It) by Janice Hardy
    • I had borrowed and started reading this book and ran out of time. I bought my own copy so I can finish it. I enjoyed what I read so far.
    • A writer's reference book
  • Unspeakable Things by Jess Lourey
    • 1980's suspense
    • strange parties and deviant guests

Giveaway: Win the Ultimate Literary Bundle from Storiarts! "Where style meets literature. Every Storiarts purchase helps kids worldwide learn to read, write, & create." And small-batch coffee in three genres-- Fantasy, Romance, and Gothic. 

  • Have you been to this favorite blog of mine?
  • Have you read any of these books?
  • What's your favorite of the 13 continuous stories in the A to Z challenge 2021?

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  1. Awww! 😻 Thanks for the shoutout to my blog!

  2. I have been to the blog. No to the books, and I don't have a favorite continuous story. It's interesting now that we're to U, just how many blogs I've been to. They are already that purple text that lets me know I've been there! I have been to today's blog several times though.
    Ha! Thanks for the Uniform for today's scavenger hunt! I found one with a uniform pattern.

  3. Unicorns in Uniforms sounds like something my daughter would enjoy reading!

  4. “Unicorns in Uniform” sounds perfect for a phonics lesson presented as entertainment. I have visited Jamie's blogsite and agree, you never know what to expect next. Thanks for helping with my scavenger list.

  5. Honestly, I haven't read any of the continuous stories this month, prioritising folklore and myth blogs, even skipping visiting my usual A-Z haunts with the limited time I have for blogging right now.

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge with an A-Z of Faerie: Unnatural Magic

  6. Unoicorns in uniform sounds great for youngsters

  7. I'm having trouble tying up all the rleationships I've discovdred this month. Well, last month. Yes, I've visited Uniquely Maladjusted often.


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