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#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter W

An alphabet of J's favorite blogs

W is for lgkeltner.blogspot.com ~ Writing off the Edge
I love THIS blog because:
  • I love books and stories from L G.
  • I'm pretty sure this is among the first dozen blogs I ever followed regularly.  
  • (The blog uses "dark mode" which is difficult for me to see, but I know some people like that.)       

#atozchallenge Usborne books for Children

“What a Wonderful Word” is truly a book for all ages. From expanding the vocabulary of curious little ones to a coffee table book for adults, this book is sure to get lots of use! It is a collection of untranslatable words from all over the world and it celebrates the magic of language with fascinating facts about each word and the culture it comes from!

USA flag "Shipping only available to USA and  military bases from the provided Usborne link." - Kathryn Mowers (Consultant for the Dorner family)

J's TBR pile #atozchallenge

W is for these books on my TBR:

  • West: A Novel by Carys Davies
    • "he sets off into the wild frontier beyond his small farm in Lewistown, Pennsylvania" 
    • "silent daughter" 
    • Debut novel
    • Native American Literature
  • Water (The Akasha Series Book 1) by Terra Harmony
    • reminds me of my Existence books
    •  Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
  • When the Legends Die: The Timeless Coming-of-Age Story about a Native American Boy Caught Between Two Worlds by Hal Borland
    • "A young Native American raised in the forest is suddenly thrust into the modern world" - I can relate
    • (first published 1963)
    • Bought as a cyber Monday deal in 2019
  • Written In Red (A Novel of the Others Book 1) by Anne Bishop
    • Recommended by several bloggers
    • thrilling fantasy series


https://wn.nr/EvfEgH Win the Ultimate Literary Bundle from Storiarts! "Where style meets literature. Every Storiarts purchase helps kids worldwide learn to read, write, & create." And small-batch coffee in three genres-- Fantasy, Romance, and Gothic. 

Content warning: Violence
Why did he do that? -- Flash Fiction of 719 words

"That's not a moon, that's a ... new amusement park!" The commercial played, followed by the contest details. Ten lucky winners and their guests would be flown to the space station. Everyone on Earth knew about it. The black sphere orbited the moon, the two "ears" visible when the light was just right. California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, China, the ship out at sea, and now the Mouse had a place in space. 

Ten winners were flown to the resort in Florida, as it was nearest to the launch site. Ten winners and one alternate, actually. Because there were rules about who was allowed to go to the space park. Health mandates needed to be met. Wade was that alternate. He brought his younger sister as his guest.

"Yes, Whisper?" Wade rubbed his temples, preparing for the nine millionth question his sister would ask today.
"If they don't pick us to go, since you're number eleven, can we still go on rides at this park?"
"Yes. I'll take you on every ride you're tall enough to get on."
"Can we have a tea party?"
"Can I get a pretty dress?"
Wade sighed. "Do you have money for a dress?"
"Isn't that included?"
"I don't think so. We'll ask them later."
"Can I get a corn dog?"
"Sure, if they have them."
"Do you think it tastes like corn on the cob?"
Wade shook his head. "I don't know. Wouldn't you rather go to space than get a dress and a corn dog?"
She chewed her lip for a moment. "I don't think the others are going to give up a spot."
"We'll see."

The winners all gathered for a special dinner. The next day would be the final round of health tests to prove they could handle the vacation of a lifetime. Wade rose from the table, saying he needed to use the washroom. He followed a waiter out. No one seemed to notice or care when Wade snuck into the kitchen. He made his way to where the cake was being decorated. 

"Wow! Eleven sphere cakes. How do they hold together so well?" Wade asked.
"We use a dowel to keep everything in place," the decorator explained. "What are you doing back here, anyway?"
"Looking for the washroom. I got lost."
The decorator signaled to a busser, who showed Wade to the washrooms.

"You were gone forever," Whisper said when Wade sat at the table again.
"Sorry. Got lost. It's a big place."
"I ate your cheese."
Wade ruffled her hair. 
"Your sister asks a lot of questions," the girl next to him said.
Whisper grinned. "Wade, this is Marsha. She and her mother are from New York City. They live on Park Avenue. But she doesn't spend her days on the swings or slides or anything. She shops and goes to the theater."
Wade nodded. He offered his hand to Marsha. "Pleased to meet you."
"I'm sure you are," Marsha said as she turned away from him, ignoring the offered hand. "Can you imagine if they actually let those two go to the new park?"
Marsha's mother patted her daughter's hand. "Darling, we've discussed what a publicity stunt is, haven't we? No need to rub anyone's face in it. They're getting a nice meal."
Fire burned inside Wade. These two didn't need a free trip. They probably only entered so they could be first guests. More fame for them. Maybe they didn't even enter the contest, but bought their way in? 
The winners and their guests clapped as the cakes were brought out. Spherical black cakes with round ears on top. 
"Hey, Marsha, you know how people where I'm from celebrate with cake?"
Marsha pulled the basketball-sized cake nearer to her. "By taking one bite a day and saving the rest so you have food all month?"
The fire grew hotter in Wade. "Nah. We smash."
Wade grabbed the back of Marsha's head and pushed her face into the cake.

"Why did he do that?" the reporter asked at the press conference. 
"He didn't know there were dowels in the cake, or even what a dowel was. This death has been ruled an accident. Wade and his sister have been cleared to take the now vacant winner's spot and are headed to the space park."


This story was inspired by a real story of a birthday party gone wrong, where someone lost an eye because of a cake dowel to the face. Please, never smash a face into a cake!

This is also an upbeat version of the future of amusement parks. Here's the stark reality: https://www.insider.com/disney-layoffs-employees-pain-heartbreak-pandemic-2021-4 But also, if you've never searched "Mickey Mouse Death Star," go look now and imagine the possibilities. (Pic below.)

It is also the answer to the question asked in my theme reveal survey

stuart nager question

  • Have you been to this favorite blog of mine?
  • Have you read any of these books?
  • What's your favorite rarely used word?
  • Would you go to an amusement park in space if you won a free trip?

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  1. I visit Writing off the Edge blog often, as we are in the WEP admin together. I like her writing too.
    I need to read What a Wonderful Word. I'm really interested in untranslatable words.

  2. I like visiting that blog. Also, I read the first line of your flash in Obi Wan's voice :)

  3. Oh, I think she got her just desserts! Nicely done.
    Janet’s Smiles

  4. Well, we still wonder why that happened...

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge with an A-Z of Faerie: The Ultimate Fae Warrior

  5. I would go to an amusement park in space

  6. OMG, how horrible! Sorry, I was really into the story. MM theme park death star.... someone has dreams even more bizarre than mine!

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